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I have known Kara for a few years, and he has always been great to work with. Even though I am based in Italy, we’ve never had a problem with communication or working remotely. We have collaborated on various projects and he’s always been on top of things, even after projects are delivered. He’s a very reliable and resourceful person and I would recommend him to any company or team.

Francis Oduro - Business Development Manager, Team IT

I worked with Kara at News UK, firstly as his teammate in the Digital Platforms Team for 1.5 years, and subsequently as his manager for one year. Kara became the subject matter expert of the digital products within his suite, pushing performance enhancements recommendations to development teams. I was particularly impressed with the work he did to influence product enhancements across The Times & Sunday Times digital applications. Kara is a talented, diligent, and ambitious individual – an absolute pleasure to work with, and surely an asset to any product team.

Harvey Shaw - Head of Digital Operations, News UK