Kara Ntumy


Barclays Commercial Payments API Platform

Barclays UK

Portfolio Summary: Barclays Commercial Payments API Platform

Company: Barclays

Position: AVP Digital Product Manager

Duration: 2 Years

As an Assistant Vice President (AVP) Digital Product Manager in the Commercial Payments division of Barclays, I had the privilege of driving key initiatives that were instrumental in enhancing the bank’s digital product portfolio. My role encompassed a broad spectrum of responsibilities, including product strategy, API development, and improving the developer user experience on the Barclays Developer platform. During my tenure, I successfully launched API offerings, collaborated with cross-functional teams, and achieved remarkable results.

Key Responsibilities and Achievements:

  1. API Offering Launch with Integration Strategy: One of the major accomplishments during my time at Barclays was the successful launch of an API offering. I developed a comprehensive strategy to integrate our APIs with renowned digital products such as Xero and Sage. This strategic move positioned Barclays as a leader in providing seamless financial data integration for businesses.
  2. Engineering Team Leadership: Leading an engineering team, I ensured the development and rigorous testing of all APIs. Our meticulous approach led to an exceptional pre-launch uptime rate of 99%, underlining the reliability and quality of the products we delivered.
  3. Cross-functional Collaboration: Collaboration was at the heart of our success. I played a pivotal role in coordinating cross-functional teams to formulate a cohesive API product strategy and roadmap. This collaborative approach enabled us to align our efforts with the broader goals of the organization and deliver products that met customer needs.
  4. UX Enhancement and Prototyping: Beyond APIs, I also contributed to improving the developer user experience on the Barclays Developer platform. I designed wireframes and prototypes for a Customer Servicing Tool using Marvel, a critical component of the platform. I further pitched executives on the implementation of new API-based features to enhance the existing servicing tool, demonstrating my commitment to continuous improvement.

Results Achieved:

  • Launched API offering with a strategic integration plan, expanding Barclays’ reach and relevance in the digital product ecosystem.
  • Demonstrated leadership by overseeing the engineering team, resulting in a remarkable 99% pre-launch uptime rate for all APIs.
  • Fostered cross-functional collaboration, enabling the formulation of a clear API product strategy and roadmap that aligned with organizational goals.
  • Contributed to improving the developer experience by designing wireframes and prototypes for a key Customer Servicing Tool and successfully pitched the integration of new API-based features.

In my role as AVP Digital Product Manager at Barclays, I not only drove product innovation but also established a strong foundation for sustained growth and competitiveness in the digital payments landscape. My ability to lead, collaborate, and deliver results was integral to the success of the team and the organization as a whole.

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