Kara Ntumy


Gymigo Mobile App


Portfolio Summary: Gymigo Mobile App

Position: Co-Founder & Head of Product

Company: Gymigo Fitness

Duration: 3 years

Gymigo, founded in 2017, was a promising startup with a mission to revolutionize fitness through social connectivity and gamification. As one of the co-founders and Head of Product, my role was pivotal in shaping the direction of the company and overseeing the development of our flagship product.

During my three-year tenure at Gymigo, a fitness-focused startup, I led the launch of the Gymigo iOS app, attracting an initial user base of over 50 users. My role included designing the app’s user experience, utilizing InVision for a dynamic prototype, and managing an outsourced engineering team to bring our vision to life. I prioritized user feedback through usability tests, continuously refining our design and development.

Key Achievements:

1. Launch and User Acquisition:

  • Successfully launched the Gymigo iOS app, titled “Gymigo: Fitness Challenges For Friends,” on the Apple App Store, garnering an initial user base of over 50 enthusiastic users. This early traction demonstrated our concept’s appeal and validated our market potential.

2. User-Centric Design:

  • Spearheaded the UX design for the Gymigo app, focusing on creating an engaging and intuitive fitness experience. Leveraged InVision to craft a dynamic prototype that visually articulated the app’s unique fitness gaming concept.

3. Team Building and Management:

  • Played a critical role in the recruitment and management of an outsourced engineering team to bring our vision to life. This involved overseeing the development process, ensuring alignment with our product roadmap, and maintaining a high standard of quality.

4. Iterative Development and User Feedback:

  • Conducted usability test sessions with remote testers, leveraging their valuable insights to guide continuous improvements in both design and development. This iterative approach allowed us to refine the app’s user experience and functionality.

5. Y Combinator’s Startup School Acceptance:

  • Gymigo’s acceptance into Y Combinator’s Startup School in 2018 was a significant milestone for our startup journey. It provided us with expert guidance and mentorship, enabling us to refine our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and better understand the startup landscape.

Challenges Faced:

Despite our initial success and promising concept, Gymigo faced financial challenges that led to the eventual sunset of the app in 2018. We encountered difficulties in achieving product-market fit before exhausting our initial funding, which ultimately impacted the sustainability of the project.

Key Takeaways:

Gymigo’s acceptance into Y Combinator’s Startup School in 2018 was a significant milestone, offering invaluable guidance. Despite our initial successes, we faced financial challenges that ultimately led to the sunset of the app in 2018. This experience reinforced my adaptability and resilience in the startup world, shaping my ongoing passion for innovative problem-solving in product management and entrepreneurship.

My experience as Head of Product at Gymigo was invaluable in terms of learning the complexities of startup management, product development, and user-centered design. It taught me the importance of quick adaptation and resilience in the face of challenges. While Gymigo may have had a short-lived journey, the lessons and experiences gained continue to shape my approach to product management and entrepreneurship, fueling my passion for creating innovative solutions that address real-world problems.

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