Kara Ntumy


Santander Cloud-Based Instalment Lending Service for Amazon

Banco Santander

Portfolio Summary: Cloud-Based Instalment Lending Service for Amazon

Company: Banco Santander

Position: Global Product Manager

Duration: 6-month contract

As a Global Product Manager in the Consumer Lending division at Santander, I had the privilege of leading a transformative initiative focused on delivering innovative API-based installment lending services in partnership with Amazon LATAM. Reporting directly to the VP of Product Management for Payment Partnerships, I was entrusted with the end-to-end development and management of this critical project. This role allowed me to blend my passion for customer-centric solutions with data-driven insights to shape products that would delight customers, partners, and banks globally.


Key Responsibilities and Achievements:

  1. Customer-Centric Approach: I consistently demonstrated a customer-obsessed mindset, rooted in thorough research, data analysis, and empathy for diverse customer segments. By deeply understanding the needs of consumers, businesses, partners, and banks, I ensured that our product offerings addressed their pain points and exceeded expectations.
  2. Competitive Landscape Analysis: I built a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape, continuously monitoring industry trends and emerging players. This insight guided strategic decision-making and helped us stay ahead of the curve.
  3. Product Vision and Goals: I was responsible for formulating a clear product vision and setting ambitious yet achievable goals. This vision served as a guiding light for our teams, aligning efforts towards a common objective.
  4. Product Development Life Cycle Ownership: From ideation to post-launch management, I took full ownership of the product development life cycle. My role involved prioritizing tasks, leading cross-functional teams, monitoring progress, and applying creative problem-solving to overcome obstacles.
  5. Effective Communication: I excelled in communication by adapting my style to various audiences, which ranged from engineering teams to senior leadership. This ensured that everyone involved in the project was aligned and informed about our progress and goals.
  6. Risk Management: I proactively managed emerging risks and issues, ensuring transparency in addressing challenges as they arose. This approach allowed us to navigate uncertainties effectively and make informed decisions.


Results Achieved:

  1. 2-Year Roadmap: I successfully defined a comprehensive two-year roadmap for the development of the API-based installment lending platform in collaboration with the engineering team. This roadmap provided clear direction and milestones for the project’s execution.
  2. UX Design Leadership: I took the lead in overseeing the user experience (UX) design of the developer platform, ensuring that it was intuitive and user-friendly, ultimately enhancing the overall product’s usability.
  3. Metric Definition: I spearheaded the definition of key performance metrics, including the number of new customers acquired and the number of loan applications created. These metrics allowed us to measure the success of our product and make data-driven improvements.
  4. Stakeholder Collaboration: I played a pivotal role in gathering requirements from both internal stakeholders and Amazon, translating these insights into prioritized features for our product roadmap. This collaboration ensured that our product met the needs and expectations of all parties involved.


In my role as a Global Product Manager at Santander, I not only shaped a forward-looking product but also fostered a culture of innovation and customer-centricity. The experience was invaluable in enhancing my product management skills and contributing to the success of a strategic partnership with a global e-commerce giant.

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